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A few words about us
Melhi Group of Companies (MGC)
The panoply of community development endeavours undertaken by MGC companies — embracing everything from health and education to art, sport and more — has touched, and changed, many lives

Melhi’s Corporate Values -- People, Customer Success, Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, Openness, Social Responsibility and Sustained Profitability -- focus on our long-term perspective for leadership and prosperity. These values should inspire us to a level of excellence that maximizes value for customers, business and partners, while supporting our employees and the communities in which our employees live and work. These values are intended to be a foundation to guide our decisions. They are reflected in our business objectives. And they represent the global standard by which all of our individual and collective actions will be measured.

Our companies are part of a family, and are empowered to run their own affairs, yet the companies help one another, and solutions to problems often come from within the Group somewhere. It's like a commonwealth, with shared ideas, values, interests and goals.

Ours is a culture of team work. For our teams to excel, all members must feel that they are operating in an inclusive environment that welcomes and supports differences and that encourages input from all perspectives. Our people have the right to expect a workplace in which the richness of their lives and experience is welcomed and valued by their team and by the firm.

Presence in Multiple Industries The Melhi Group of companies of business in a range of sectors. These include overseas employment, technical education, real estate & builders, Sand & Stone, Rice mills and protean farms.

Our Mission
We pride ourselves on offering customers the advantage of vast and exceptional means of conducting business by providing overseas employment services to our clientele under professional management, while consistently improving the productivity and efficiency of our existing operations.
The Melhi Group came into inception in 1994, with a vision to be of service to Pakistan’s economy, through the provision of a variety of superior quality products and services to a cross-section of clientele, both locally and globally.

The Group’s prestigious position is testimony of the visionary foresight and relentless efforts of the Group’s leadership, which have led it to earn high turnover ratios, projected profits, extended business goodwill, while achieving many milestones over the years, thus making it a benchmark in the economy of Pakistan. At Melhi Group of Companies, our clients expect excellence and we deliver nothing less.
Our Businesses
Overseas Emplyment Services
Precasting Concrete
Construction Equipments & Tools
Machanical Engg. Institute
Agricultural Services
Phone: +92 53-3521285
  +92 53-3008885 
  +92 53-3524984
Fax: +92 53-3514112
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Our Businesses
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